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  • Solar garden light for yard IM series

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    1.Product Overview
    This is our patent product, aimed to provide high quality solar garden light for our customers, approved CE, RoHS, FCC, and other international certification. "Special RGB musical rhythm”, "high charging efficiency", " strong endurance" and "outstanding light efficiency" is our main advantage. Luminaire equipped with large capacity lithium battery, which can absorb solar energy and convert it into electric energy by solar panel. Energy stored in the battery and then supplied to the solar lamp. Can be widely used in the yard, community, plaza, garden, park, road and other areas.
    2.Product Design
    The outlook of this product is designed by our company's product visual design team, is our patent product (patent number: 202230088166.9, Structure patent number:202220384688.8). Product design concept keeps with the classic design element of garden lights, mixed with “UFO” magic design style, coming out with a unique industrial design in the market. While solving the lighting, also bring a brand-new product visual impact to users and add a unique decoration to users!

    MJ-EW800 800W


    MJ-EW1200 1200W

    3.Product Parameters
    4.Product Advantages
    1) Slope design, not easy to accumulate dust, ensure charging efficiency
    It adopts an 8-degree slope design, which not only makes the appearance beautiful and unique, but also can achieve a higher charging efficiency with the inclined surface, improved at least 15% than the horizontal surface; at the same time, the slope design of the solar panel is not easy to accumulate dust, thus the rainwater can be washed away, not only with higher power generation but also easier to maintain.
    2) Easy installation, moveable casing tube reduces transportation cost
    It has an integrated design of light source and solar panel, which can be directly installed into the pole, eliminating the need for complicated installation of lamp arms and other installations, and the installation efficiency of this product is several times higher than that of traditional split solar lamps. The casing tube adopts a detachable "moveable" design, which saves the product packaging volume by 40% and greatly reduces transportation cost.
    3)APP intelligent control, RGB music rhythm function, wide application scenarios
    Comes with Bluetooth function, users can realize intelligent control of LED through mobile APP. The SMD5054 RGB light source matched with the product can move intelligently with the music of the mobile phone APP to enhance the lighting atmosphere. The products are widely used in courtyards, parks, squares and other scenes. While solving the lighting problem, they bring different lighting color experiences to users.
    4)Intelligent extended function, compatible with other Bluetooth devices
    This product can be connected to other Bluetooth devices to achieve multiple interconnections, such as connecting to Bluetooth speakers. Luminaire changes color and mode intelligently according to the musical rhythm, which can be widely used for Christmas and other holiday decorations.
    5)Three colors of light switch at will, 360°luminous angle
    This product can be switched between white light, warm light, and RGB according to customer's preferences. Meanwhile to meet the user's 360°lighting needs, the product adopts a 360°optical design. The lighting is uniform and soft, which meets lighting requirements of courtyards, parks, squares, etc.
    6)High-efficiency fast charging solution, charging efficiency improved by 50%
    The solar controller simulates the MPPT charging scheme, a unique charging and discharging management system with more efficient charging and discharging efficiency. For example, the market routinely uses 6V/30W photovoltaic panels with a peak charging current of 5A; but ourproduct uses 4V/30W photovoltaic panels with a peak charging current of 7.5A. The charging efficiency is improved by 50%.
    7)Intelligent power management system, super long discharge time
    Committed to meet the needs of customers "lighting everyday in 365 days", our company has developed an intelligent power management system in cooperation with the University of Electronic Science and technology. It not only has higher charging efficiency, but also can actively identify the charging amount during daytime, so as to adjust power independently to achieve a better lighting effect during cloudy & rainy days.
    5.Lighting Mode
    6.Instructions of Remote Controller
    The specific functions are shown in the following picture.
    (The remote control has memory function, only need to set once.)
    7.Product Packaging
    8.Photos from Different Angle
    10.Lumen Test

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