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  • CSP 15/30K500J portable DC/AC charging system

    Short Description:

    CSP 15/30K500-J movable type intelligent DC quick charger is resistant to vibration and has complete protection functions, suitable for bus charging stations, parking lots, auto repair shops, car manufacturers and other places where customers can quickly respond and test supplementary energy.

    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product features:

    > Perfect charging protection such as input over/under voltage, connection abnormality, emergency stop;

    > Protection against lightning protection, leakage, short circuit, over current, over temperature, reverse battery connection, etc;

    > Independent distributed installation, plug and play occupies a small area, mobile and flexible;

    > Modular design, flexible configuration and easy maintenance;

    > Anti vibration, complete protection function;

    > High degree of protection and wide voltage output;

    > Support swiping card/scan QR code to pay;

    > Support CHAdeMO systerm interface quick charging;


    > EV Infrastructure and operators;

    > EV fleet (private and public);

    EV dealers and service providers;

    General Specifications

    Shell material Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
    DC plugs JEVSG104 (CHAdeMO) JEVSG104 (CHAdeMO)
    Display 4.3″TFT Color touch screen 4.3”TFT Color touch screen
    RFID system Mifare (Classic, DesFire EV1) or others on request Mifare (Classic, DesFire EV1) or others on request
    Communication GPRS /LAN/Wi-Fi GPRS /LAN/Wi-Fi
    Communication Protocols OCPP (optional: others) OCPP (optional: others)
    Place of installation Indoor Indoor
    Altitude 6000m (Derating over 3000m ) 6000m (Derating over 3000m )
    Protection degree IP32 IP32
    Operating Temperature -20-60°C (Derating over 50°C) -20-60°C (Derating over 50°C)
    Storage Temperature -40-70°C -40-70°C
    Humidity 5%~95% without condensation 5%~95% without condensation
    Sound noise <55 dB in all directions <55 dB in all directions
    Length of charging gun cable 5m (Other lengths are optional) 5m (Other lengths are optional)
    Dimensions (W*D*H) 500*300*765mm 500*300*765mm
    Weight 47kg 61.5kg

    Nominal Input

    Power connection 3P+N+PE 3P+N+PE
    Voltage & Frequency 400VAC±10%;45 〜65Hz 400VAC±10%;45 〜65Hz
    Efficiency >94% ’94%
    Power factor >0.99 N0.99
    DC Output    

    Voltage  100-500V  100-500V

    Max.Current 40A


    Max. Power 15kW

    30 kW

    The mobile smart DC fast charger is a charger product specially designed and produced according to the charging requirements of vehicle equipment. The product can be applied to station-type charging places such as expressway charging service area, bus group company parking lot, tourist attraction parking lot, tourist route transfer station, commercial square parking lot, etc., to realize the charging demand of users.
    Product Features:
    With constant current and constant voltage charging function, it is suitable for charging on-board high-voltage battery system;
    Configure a bus interface to communicate with the battery management system. The charging pile adjusts the charging voltage and current in real time according to the control commands of the battery management system, and can automatically respond when the battery management system sends out a stop or abnormal message;
    The equipment has protection functions such as input undervoltage, input overvoltage, output short circuit, output overvoltage, output overcurrent, battery reverse connection, insulation detection, communication failure, etc.;
    There is a running indicator lamp on the outside, which can display the status of the charging pile in real time;
    Equipped with a high-voltage DC national standard charging gun, which can effectively ensure the safety of charging;
    Equipped with touch screen operation interface, supports scanning QR code or swiping card for charging;
    Have an open, shareable, data service platform and management platform;
    The charger can ensure normal use in the outdoor environment;

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